The Medical Vampires & Big Pharma want you SICK!

"They Want You to Suffer Endlessly with Candida So They Can Drain You Of Your Cash and Lifeblood!"

And They Know That This Lifelong Candida Problem Eventually Leads to Cancer and Outrageously Expensive Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgeries That Are Certain To Bankrupt You and Make Them Into Gazillionaires.

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The Medical Mafia doesn't want you to get well.

Healthy people are bad for business.

Most doctors don't have a clue that they are killing you.  These are kind hearted people who truly believe the cure is around the corner, even as they follow protocols that create and worsen the candida epidemic. 

If what they were doing was beneficial, you wouldn't need to keep going back to them with their ever increasingly expensive and dangerous drugs that have these tiny little side effects like DEATH for God's sake.

Let’s face it, the current medical system is not health care, it is DEATH CARE.

Medical insider Dr. Jennifer Daniels was shocked to discover that this supposed "health care system" was purposely designed to make you sicker while they drain you of your hard earned cash and put you in the poor house.

Did you know that most if not all of the medical school curriculum is actually created by the drug companies?

I don't know about you but I think there's a little conflict of interest going on here -- don't you?

Of course, many doctors are not consciously aware of this, but the designers of the "Death Care System" are most certainly aware of these shameful truths.

Statistics show that for every dollar in medications that a person takes, an average of 3 dollars is spent to treat the "side effects" of the medications. 

These aren't just "side effects" they're full frontal attacks on your health.

This is not Health Care, it is illness creation and an ultra-profitable business model with ever spiraling profits built into the system.

Here's an astounding fact...

Did you know that the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States is a mountain of medical bills?

If you've already listened to my interview with Dr. Jennifer Daniels then you'll know that everything I'm saying above is 100% true.

If you want to live a long and healthy life, in most cases you'll want to stay FAR away from traditional or allopathic doctors as you can.

And if you have a problem with candida you definitely want to stay away from typical medical doctors.

In fact, the extensive use of antibiotics and prednisone is one of the leading reasons we have candida epidemic in the United States.

Did you know that it's estimated that up to 90% or more of the American public has a problem with excess candida?

And did you also know that if you have candida the odds of you getting cancer go way up?

We've actually gone into this issue in-depth via video in our Candida Cleaner blog

How Long Have You Been Struggling with Candida?

I asked my email newsletter subscribers to tell me about their problems with candida and it was really sad the pain that candida has put them through.

Many of my readers have been struggling with candida yeast problems for 10 or more years. More than one person was struggling with it for over 30 years and I found out that several people had candida passed on to them at birth from their mother's who had candida.

Some people have minor candida issues, so minor of which they may not realize that it's a candida overgrowth causing their so-called symptoms of aging. But it's not aging, these aches and pains falsely attributed to aging are usually caused by candida.

Other people have rashes which can be very embarassing depending on where those rashes are on the body. But even that is nothing.

For some people struggling with candida it almost completely debilitates them. I know one woman who told me she could barely get out of bed.

She found it next to impossible to work because of her candida problem.

What point is living if you can't have your health? How can you afford to even live this poor existence if you can't work?

And did you know that candida is often the hidden cause behind depression? I had depression for 6.5 years and I can tell you it was a living hell.

And I know dealing with candida can be very expensive. Below I've included a case study from my girlfriend Karmyn just to give you an idea how much money she was spending (or wasting) on treatment for candida that kept on coming back for 12 years.

Case Study - Karmyn Malone's Struggle with Candida


Karmyn Malone's Saga with Candida

I remember several times paying for Doctor visits out of pocket. I paid around $105 (maybe a little more, I don't remember the EXACT amount just that it was in the lower $100s-$110s) and how long did I see a doctor each time?

I averaged about FIVE MINUTES (usually less).

So if the typical doctor sees a patient for 5 minutes at a rate of $100 per patient and s/he sees 10 to 12 patients an hour then that doctor is grossing $1,000 to $1,200/hour.

Not to mention the fact that I had to go to the doctor REPEATEDLY because my yeast infections kept coming back! I also had to pay a lot of money for the prescriptions.

I remember when (Anti-fungal drug name withheld) first came out I paid $35 FOR ONE PILL. Of course the infections came back and I had to go BACK to the doctor, pay over $100 for the visit and pay another $35 FOR ONE PILL.

Sometimes 1 pill wasn't enough to calm down the candida and I had to have the doctor call in another prescription.

Another $35 GONE! Sometimes it took THREE PILLS to get the candida back in check!

I repeated this cycle several times until there was a generic version of the drug available where I could get the one pill for less than half price as to what I was paying for the name brand (about $10 for a pill instead of the $35).

Oh and don't get me STARTED on what I paid for alternative treatments! I was buying caprylic acid tablets, acidopholis tablets, tea tree oil vaginal suppositories, acidopholis vaginal suppositories, multi-vitamins, etc

I tried making several dietary changes to see if this would improve this (whether I ate high carb or low carb or even 100% raw it didn't make a difference).

So from age 18 (when I had my first yeast infection) to age 30 (the last time I had one) I've spent several thousands of dollars to deal with this candida problem.

In 12 years the same pattern happened: no matter what I tried (from allopathic to alternative) the yeast infections ALWAYS CAME BACK!

Now that I have Dr Daniels treatment protocol I have ZERO worries ever from having to suffer from another painful, itching, burning yeast infection EVER AGAIN!

The best part: Dr Daniels' miracle candida cleaner costs about 7 cents per dose (I spent WAY more on other treatments that didn't work).

I wish I knew Dr Daniels back in 1997--I would have HAPPILY paid her $1000 to save myself the several thousand dollars and 12 years of recurring pain.

I'm forever indebted to you Dr. Daniels.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Karmyn Malone


A Note From Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Even if your doctor does diagnose candida and institute therapy, this does not guarantee a better life. 

Available therapies cost as much as $10 per day and $300 a month.  These drugs can damage the liver.  

Blood tests and an office visit are necessary every 3 months to evaluate you for dangerous effects of the drugs. 

The cost of these office visits, the medications and the blood tests can easily exceed $3,000 per year. 

Resistance can develop and necessitate re-treatment and longer courses of medication with increased risks - even death. 

Is this what you want??! 

And, once you die, your insurance company promptly pays your bill just the same. 

The doctor who unwittingly followed protocols that led to your demise is rewarded. 

In the old days, doctors did not get paid if the patient died. 

This is why the Candida Cleaner was used in the 1800's and even today in certain parts of the world that can't afford expensive drugs and Western style allopathic medicine. 

The Candida Cleaner was dirt-cheap and yet was highly effective at erradicating candida and quite frankly many other health problems.


Candida Case Study - Jennifer's Mom

My mother suffered from candida since 1967 when she had surgery on her thumb. She received several courses of antibiotics for an infection after the surgery. The pain persisted and it was so severe that if anyone touched the thumb, it caused her to cry out and lose her balance falling into a nearby structure, usually a wall.

11 years later, she had a bad car accident with broken face bones and chronic pain and headaches. She was evaluated by neurologists, neurosurgeons, Ear Nose and Throat specialists, internal medicine specialists, the pain clinic, and after trying acetomenophen, codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antidepressants she was told that there was nothing more that could be done for her and she was not a candidate for surgery. Now she had the head pain and the thumb pain. Much of this was covered by insurance. She was constantly going to the doctors and someone always drove her. This took a lot of time and always left her exhausted.

I was going to medical school at this time and had complete confidence in doctors and urged my mother to keep seeking out a better specialist. She was a retired executive assistant and promised to work for me in my office for minimum wage when I opened my medical practice. I was desperate for her to find a solution before I opened my medical practice.

Mom then found an alternative doctor in town who diagnosed her as having mold allergies and prescribed allergy shots. Mom had to go to the office every week for the shots that were not covered by her insurance and pay the doctor visits as well. She did this for 2 years at a cost of $50 per week. $2,600 a year; a total of $5,200. By now, Mom started buying acetomonophen, diphenhydramine, pseudoephedrine, and anti - inflamatories over the counter. A cost of $40 per month. The allergy shots did not work. So, Mom was discouraged. She would get up, and do fine for about 2 hours. Then, the pain would be severe, she would take a pain pill or a benadryl and could not do anything more for the rest of the day.

23 years after her thumb surgery and12 years after she began suffering with this horrible face pain, I was ready to open my office. She still had no relief. Once, when I was driving her somewhere, she confided to me that the pain was so severe she wished she was dead and often thought of driving herself off the road. She said she was glad that I was driving.

I finally decided that even though I was just a family practice doctor, I would examine her and see what I could find. I examined her and decided that it looked a lot like a chronic infection to me. I started her on rather expensive antibiotics. Her pain got a little better then a lot worse. I figured that she was having the candida side effect of the antibiotics.

By this time, the very expensive antifungal drugs were on the market at a cost $35 per pill. While they were sold as a one dose cure all for vaginal yeast, my mother's case was so severe that she had to take one pill a day. I started my mother on the anti-fungal drug and it was great.

She finally got relief of her pain. It took about 1 week for her face pain to go away although she would have occasional flares. Her thumb took about a month to improve but was good enough that she could work with it covered.

She was able to start working as my receptionist when the office opened. This lasted for several weeks.

The drugs are known to cause liver damage. I did baseline liver tests and repeated them every 3 months to be sure that the drugs were not doing any damage. I was very fortunate that the drug companies gave me all the samples I needed to keep Mom going and the lab allowed me to do the lab tests for free.

Had I not been a doctor, the cost to my mother of the drugs, tests and office visits would have been $12,775 for the drug, $400 for the tests, and $800 for doctor visits for each year she took the drug. That is a total of $13,975 a year.

After about 3 months the drug stopped working and I had to switch her to another drug with the same price and testing requirements. She switched back and forth between these drugs and took these drugs for about 2 years. Then, she developed side effects and had to stop the drugs even though her test results were ok.

This was discouraging. Meanwhile, I had discovered the candida cleaner and asked my mother to try it. She reluctantly tried it. She was surprised that she got relief.

It took about 1 day for her face pain to improve and 1 week for it to go away. It took about one month for her thumb pain to go away completely.

Her nail which was removed during the thumb surgery started to grow back. She took the candida cleaner 2 times a week for several years. Now, she no longer takes the candida cleaner and does not have any face pain. Her thumb pain is completely gone as well.

She no longer takes any antifungal medications or has any need for blood tests. The benefit to Mom in terms of quality of life cannot be measured merely in dollars. But, lets look at the part that can be measured in dollars.

7 years extra of working at minimum wage (5.00 per hour at the time) $70,000

(if she did not work, she would not have gotten disability as she was already getting a retirement from a prior career)
Note: Without the Candida Cleaner my mother was unable to work as an executive assistant.

$600 per month more in her social secirity check because she was able to delay her payout date by 7 additional years.

$600x12monthsx10 years since she retired from the office $72,000

Total EXTRA cash in pocket due to using candida cleaner = $142,000

This does not even include the savings from not needing to take the wonder drug (which had caused her side effects and was not an option) - price in excess of $13,975 per year without insurance. Even with insurance, she would have needed to pay insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays.

And these are the material benefits to an older person working at minimum wage.

The whole family is thrilled that she is now 78 and in such good health. Conquering Candida makes it possible for her to enjoy her grandchildren and work long enough in my office that she was able to earn more in social security. She lives very well on her retirement from her first career and her social security check. She travels extensively to visit the grandchildren/great grandchildren and cooks for family holidays.

This is one of many success stories. With the candida cleaner, you can experience your own success story.


The Steep Price Dr. Daniels Had To Pay To Get You This Life-Altering Information

Dr Daniels has paid a dear price for the privilege of bringing the candida cleaner to you.

* She has been intimidated by drug representatives when she failed to prescribe their medications.

* She was bullied by HMO executives when she refused to sign their contracts

* She was investigated by the Medical Board, experienced loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of the investigation(net worth at the time of the investigation was 778,000 dollars; now it is negative),

* She was stripped of her livelihood,

* She has been placed by the US government on a do not employ list

* She's been placed on the terrorist watch list and now lives in exile.

Fortunately, you do not have to pay this price to have the candida cure. Dr Daniels already paid it for you.

Ok then, I think it's about time I showed you what you get when you claim your copy of the Candida Cleaner Program.

Here's What You Get

The Candida Cleaner

The Candida Cleaner WRITTEN pdf Manual [$5,790 Value]

This represents the cost of one year of traditional medical and drug interventions for candida of which you'll never have to do again.

It's called the “Confidential Underground Report -- The Candida Cleaner”, a 32 page manual of useful no "fluff," and life-changing information.

Wanna know the five necessary steps in order to make your candida problem a thing of the past? Page 11 of the manual explains the simple to follow 5-step process.

Caution: Make sure NOT to neglect step # 1 on p. 11 to avoid unwanted cleansing reactions.

On page 21 you'll see the story of a lovely Italian woman who decided "on her own" to not do the steps in order, as Dr. Daniels had explained to her. This caused a bad die off reaction which made her eliminate through her skin instead of her bowels and therefore causing her skin to temporarily turn black.

Luckily she was able to reverse this rather drastic skin problem by going back and doing the 5-steps in the proper order.

p. 16 goes over the Historical Evidence showing the effectiveness of the Candida Cleaner.

Also read about the woman on p 16 who had a systemic candida infection and tried every therapy she heard about but was finally helped by the candida cleaner. Two weeks after her visit with Dr Daniels she was no longer plagued by candida.

p. 20 is where you can find case studies through Dr. Daniels' medical practice where she successfully helped her patients heal from their candida problems.

p. 28 has a FAQ Section. Benefit from the questions of others.

Realize there is no “fluff” in this manual. There is no purpose of filling a manual with useless information when it's more important to get to the point and get you on the path of healing.

I mean who has the time to read 300 pages of information? If you're like most people suffering with candida, you want results yesterday.

With this manual you will get to the "meat" (pun intended) of the matter. The "meat" is Top Secret information that the medical mafia doesn't want you to know about: how an easily obtainable 7 cents a dose substance can completely rid you of your candida problem, along with some simple dietary and lifestyle modifications.

For instance on p. 12 Dr Daniels shares a common 'health food' (most people will tell you this an ultra healthy food) that creates "a hostile environment for allowing healing conditions in your body. Here's the quote from the manual:

" __________ and _________ absolutely aggravate candida. ________ _______ is an abomination and has destroyed the health of many a health nut. It nearly did me in. I used to mix my own. That is how ignorant I was."

Also on p. 12 she has an easy to follow menu for raw foodists. For those eating cooked food there's an easy to follow sample menu on p. 13.

The Candida Cleaner Manual Recorded by Dr. Daniels in Mp3 AUDIO [Additional $97.00 Value]

If you don't like reading you can listen to Dr. Jennifer Daniels read the Candida Cleaner Manual to you. She also goes into more depth on many of the points covered in the written document.

The Candida Cleaner Video in Downloadable MP4 Format [$400 value] - price of two (brief) telephone consultations.

In The Candida Cleaner video Roger Haeske interviews Dr. Daniels. In this entertaining and informative video you will learn:

* You'll learn exactly how to prepare and combine the Candida Cleaner ingredients as well as the maximum daily dosage level.

* The best diet for those suffering from candida that's different from the mainstream "anti-candida" diets out there. [Hint: eating fresh fruit does NOT aggravate candida, despite what you've probably been told]

* How Dr. Daniels' "detective" work allowed her to discover the suppressed information leading her to find the candida cure. 5:00

* How fast is it expected to get relief from the candida? 3:08

* Why in some cases improving the diet is not enough to stop candida. Although dietary changes can be helpful, in many instances they're not enough to eradicate the candida. 3:40

* Why a high fat diet (whether raw or cooked) aggravates candida. 4:15

* How to find the purest form of the candida cleaner. 7:38

* Watch Dr Daniels tell the story of her experimenting on herself in order to get the proper dosage of the candida cleaner. 8:26

* Watch Dr. Daniels explain what the candida cleaner is and where it comes from in nature. 11:38

Typical Questions and Concerns Regarding the Use of The Candida Cleaner Video in MP4 Format [$200 value]

In this 22 minute video Dr. Jennifer Daniels goes over the typical questions and concerns her patients had after they learned about the Candida Cleaner 5-Step Program. If you're not quite sure about something you'll definitely want to check up on this video.

* At 13:14, she explains how best to deal with the mild, but undesired side effect of burping the taste of the candida cleaner. Her advice minimizes the effect.

* What Dr. Daniels recommends for those suffering from fear and anxiety about taking the candida cleaner (14:32)

* 18:00: learn why the information about the 7 cents per dose candida cleaner was suppressed and who may be responsible for this

* 18:20: learn what happened in 1966 that made the active ingredient of the candida cleaner sold in pharmacies virtually disappear and learn how the LABELING of the active ingredient changed as well

* 19:08: learn what the pharmaceutical companies from the late 19th Century as well as the early 20th said about the BENEFITS of the active ingredient of the candida cleaner. How it went from being the "The treatment of choice for various diseases" to how 100 years later it is listed as toxic

Video Tutorial: How to Apply "The Candida Cleaner" Topically on Your Skin [$590 value] This is the estimated cost of medical interventions and follow up that you'd pay to deal with just one skin condition malady. Actually it's much more valuable when you consider you have this information for the rest of your life for you and your family.

You'll Learn:

* A simple procedure to quickly remove boils and rashes.

* How to apply to minor cuts for use as a natural antibiotic.

* The secret to relieving your allergies permanently.

* How to dramatically lower your risk for getting cancer.

* Why a recommendation to apply to your skin 4 times a day can be accomplished in just one five minute period.

* What to mix with the Candida Cleaner so that you can apply the treatment to your whole body without accidentally using too much.

Detailed Written Frequently Asked Questions Submitted by Candida Cleaner Customers [$797.00 Value]

* How the Candida Cleaner Functions as a gentle yet effective total parasite cleanse.

* Advice for those with multiple parasite concerns. Page 20

* What to do if you're already following steps 1-4 of the Candida Cleaner Protocol and how soon you can take the Candida Cleaner. Page 11

* A simple solution for those not having a minimum of 3 bowel movements a day that will allow you to take the Candida Cleaner can be found on. Page 20

* Because taking Chinese herbs can cause unwanted cleansing reactions Dr. Daniels explains the best way to coordinate this with the Candida Cleaner. Page 12

* When taking probiotics ("beneficial bacteria") is not beneficial.

* Dr. Daniels explains why you may no longer need to take probiotics once you start using The Candida Cleaner. Page 12

* Why eating "good oils" like olive oil can actually make candida worse. Page 8

* Using the oils this way allows you to get the BENEFITS of the oils without encouraging candida. Page 9

* The easiest (and cheapest way) to obtain essential fatty acids. Page 8

* Why all forms of breads (including yeast free breads) should be avoided in order to get rid of candida. Page 8

* How eating beans can actually feed candida and make your symptoms worse. Page 9

* Why it’s important to eat whole foods instead of processed foods Ex:hemp seeds (in small amounts) instead of hemp protein powder.

* How Candida is helping your body’s digestion and how to make candida unnecessary.

* Dr Daniels explains the maximum amount of nuts/seeds to consume each day. Exceed this amount and risk growing your candida population and making it worse. Page 9

* How long to take The Candida Cleaner. Page 14

* Why nightmares can be a form of cleansing and how the candida cleaner minimizes them Page 21

* The proper way to use The Candida Cleaner Treatment with children. Page 15

Candida Busting Recipes - Downloadable PDF File [$27 value]

Here you will have access to both raw and cooked vegan recipes that won't feed candida. Included are cooked and raw recipes by Dr. Daniels as well as raw recipes by Karmyn Malone:

Raw Vegan Recipes:

* All-Live Apple Lemonade by Dr. Daniels

* Craving BUSTING Curry Plantains by Karmyn Malone

* Paradise Papaya Salad Dressing by Dr. Daniels

* A Little Taste Of Italy Salad Dressing by Dr. Daniels

* Carrot Ginger Salad Dressing by Karmyn Malone

* Be Green Collard Green Salad by Dr. Daniels

* Taste Of Asia Gazpacho by Karmyn Malone

* Liver Nourishment & Healing Juice By Dr. Jennifer Daniels

* Take It Easy Fruit Salad By Karmyn Malone

* Sweet Honeydew Supreme Delight by Dr. Daniels

* Better Than Strawberry Shortcake by Karmyn Malone

* Rawlicious Applesauce by Dr. Daniels

* Candida Busting Beet Carrot Salad by Dr. Daniels

Since a diet high in fresh fruit does NOT aggravate candida, please enjoy all the fresh fruit you care for. These tasty recipes will help you do just that.

Cooked Vegan Recipes:

* Good Morning Cinnamon Tea! by Dr. Daniels (EXCELLENT & SUPERIOR coffee substitute)

* Beefless Stew by Dr. Daniels (Dr. Daniels developed this transitional recipe for those who miss eating meat)

* Family Favorite Rice with Broccoli by Dr. Daniels (Dr. Daniels came up with this low fat vegan recipe to replace a high fat gluten dish she used to make for her family)

* Colorful Sautéed Squash by Dr. Daniels. This is a tasty cleansing recipe

Yes you can enjoy certain high carb cooked foods without worrying about aggravating candida!

Total Value of Candida Cleaner COMPLETE System: $7,998.00

 Does all this sound fantazmarrific to you?

Well, there's a wee bit of a "catch."

You see, there are no refunds on the Candida Cleaner.

In fact, if you have ANY doubts whatsoever about Dr. Daniels or the Candida Cleaner or if this seems like too big of an investment, then this program is definitely not for you.

And You Should Absolutely NOT get the Candida Cleaner

Below I've included a little note directly from Dr. Daniels about her position on this.

Note from Dr. Daniels

For me to guarantee the Candida Cleaner would mean YOU'd have to guarantee that you'd invest the time to read and follow instructions. I've never had a candida cleaner failure, just a user failure, someone not willing to follow the easy instructions I gave them.

Offering a guarantee distracts you from being attentive to directions and details and most importantly being COMMITTED to using the Candida Cleaner properly.

And quite frankly, I don't know any other doctors that provide a guarantee and most of the time they're making you flat out sicker and ever closer to death.

In short the Candida Cleaner has been proven to work and no guarantee is needed.

My patients never received a guarantee. Some of them came to visit me in my office in Syracuse, New York, coming from as far as Europe, Canada, Florida, New York City and the West Coast of the United States. They had no guarantee and they had to pay for airline tickets, a hotel stay, meals and other travel costs before they even paid for the consultation.

They believed in me and I got them results.

Do you know any other doctors who have people flying in to visit them from other continents? If you do, that doctor would have to be pretty darn special.

Bottom line -- people came to me from all over the world because I delivered results.

Now here's another interesting fact, the Candida Cleaner is so unusual yet so inexpensive that some patients "initially" felt it was not exotic or complicated enough to help them.

Some patients were upset as they checked out and paid their bill. I later found out that they even cried on the long ride home.

Only because they did NOT have a guarantee, did they actually try it and even though they were skeptical -- it worked.

Simply put many of my patients would still have candida today had a guarantee been offered. I want you to benefit, I want you to get relief.

You can be confident that you're getting a reliable product based on my study of historical accounts showing hundreds of years of successful use, my medical success with patients and the success of family members.

Further this is something that I’ve used personally for 15 years and I have entrusted the health of my family to the Candida Cleaner.

If you're still skeptical after all of the detailed information that we’ve provided via our emails, videos, audios and blog posts… then, simply put, you may not be ready for the Candida Cleaner.

And you know what? ... that’s OK.

The Candida Cleaner isn’t for everyone.

For instance, this isn't for people who believe everything should be free and who've decided ahead of time to get a refund before they even purchased the program.

You don't get your food for free, you wouldn't ask your accountant to do his job for free, you wouldn't do your job for free, so why ask Dr. Daniels to give you her hard won expertise for free.

Dr. Daniels lost $778,000 in net worth enduring the persecution of the medical mafia to be able to make this product available for the world. Not to mention all of the years in medical school and her clinical experience and personal testing in order to come up with the Candida Cleaner.

It certainly wasn't free for her.

Or if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t follow instructions and can’t stay focused on our simple 5-Step Method. Then this is not going to work for you.

Or if you’re just looking for a “magic pill” and not ready to take the responsibility of some simple lifestyle modifications.

Then no offense...

The Candida Cleaner Isn’t for You.  

Our clients will continue to be candida free and look and feel years younger because they defeated the 21st century plague -- Systemic Candida Albicans Overgrowth.

However, if you're the kind of person ready to grab the bull by the horns then pay attention and get ready to take IMMEDIATE ACTION.

The reason I say this is because I don't honestly know how long we'll be able to continue offering the Candida Cleaner. 

There are powerful forces in the Medical Mafia that have been suppressing this treatment in the United States for over 100 years... don't think they'll stop now.

They would lose billions of dollars if Candida Cleaner was widely known by the public.

And here are 10 more reasons you should claim your Candida Cleaner Complete System right now...

If you're one of the next 100 people fast enough to take advantage of this fantastic offer I'll give you $2261.11 in valuable bonuses including...

FREE Bonus 1: 70% Discount  Coupon for Up to 1-Hour Consultation with Dr. Jennifer Daniels [$557.90 Value]

Do a telephone or email consultation with Dr. Daniels at a 70% Discount - ($797 is her hourly telephone consultation rate) - You Save $557.90. A one hour consultation therefore drops down to only $239.10.

Note: You can also choose 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 hour consultations with this coupon that comes with the Candida Cleaner Complete.  Coupon must be redeemed within 3-months after getting your copy of the Candida Cleaner Complete.

FREE Bonus 2: Candida Cleaner “Call in Day” Mp3 Audio Recordings With Dr. Jennifer Daniels [$741.21 Value for 56-minutes of telephone consultations with Dr. Daniels]

You’ll get to hear Dr. Daniels consult on varying health issues with 10 different callers. Many of these calls are for specific situations and advice dealing with systemic candida overgrowth. Much of this information is very specific health advice not covered elsewhere in the program.

FREE Bonus 3: Roger’s Rash Remover - Power Treatment for Stubborn Candida Rashes [$97.00 Value]

I cleared up 95% of my candida problem within 15 days of switching to a low fat Raw Food Diet. But that was not quite enough for me.

I still had some stubborn skin rashes that wouldn't go away. After much research and at least 50 failed attempts via all kinds of supplements, probiotics and creams I finally discovered 2 powerful substances that remove stubborn candida rashes within 30 to 60 days of daily use.

By some strange serendipitous events I found a program that suggested a whole bunch of different substances to apply to your skin.

The problem was that you were supposed to use almost all of these daily. It was really inconvenient.

After much experimentation I realized that I only needed 1 to 2 of these substances to get rapid results.

You can find these candida rash removing ingredients at almost any health food store and one of them you can often find in your supermarket.

Even if your diet is perfect, it doesn't automatically mean that candida skin rashes will go away.

For instance I still eat the same way now as when I had those rashes and yet they don't reappear. They're tough little sons of bitches to get rid of, but once you know these two ingredients your rashes will be history.

FREE Bonus 4: How to Use the Candida Cleaner to Erase 20-Years Off Your Biological Age - Teleseminar [$300.00 Value]

Special Bonus - Live Teleseminar with Youth Restoring Experts Dr. Jennifer Daniels and Roger Haeske the 43-Year Old Teenager:

Dr. Daniels will discuss the special application of the Candida Cleaner as part of an effective anti-aging program.

*** 3 Reasons Why Parasites Cause Aging ***

They damage the immune system so it makes repairs slower and the body "falls apart."

They eat important nutrients. This is why 2 people can eat healthy and one stays healthy while the other seems to get no benefit

They directly damage the body by eating it. An example of this is arthritis. Parasites eat the cartilage.

The Candida Cleaner System kills dangerous parasites of all kinds, not just candida albicans yeast.

Here's What You'll Learn:

* How to reverse wrinkles at any age.

* Get a list of special foods that slow the aging process due to their unique nutrient profiles. It’s not just about anti-oxidants either.

* Do this one simple thing each day to look younger.

* Why taking a sauna can make you look young but die sooner; and what to do about it.

* The simple low cost way to look better and live longer.

* Discover a $3.00 remedy for cellulite that works. 

Dr Daniels discovered these natural wrinkle remedies while trying to delay her own aging and in response to concerned patients.  Why be ugly?? Get her secrets for a wrinkle free face that makes her look 20 even though shes 53 years old.

FREE Bonus 5: The 5-Minute -- Japanese Geisha Secret to Satiny Soft Skin at Any Age [$97.00 Value]

Women of the western world have envied the porcelain complexion of Japanese women for hundreds of years. Their secret has evaded the west until now.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels searched all of the herbal beauty books and turned her kitchen into a cosmetics manufacturing station looking for that elusive mixture for reducing wrinkles and creating soft and glowing skin. Nothing was working.

After more than a hundred hours of research she finally hit the "youthful looking skin" JACKPOT hidden in a Japanese beauty document.

This is the same method Japanese Geisha Girls' (famed for their beauty) discovered over 900 years ago to create satiny soft skin at every age.

* Begin to erase wrinkles and start feeling softer skin within minutes.

* The Japanese Soft Skin Secret is completely natural, non-toxic and produces no side effects.

* You'll notice significantly less wrinkles and sags in just one week.

The Japanese Soft Skin Secret takes 5-minutes or less to apply.

You'll start getting softer skin fewer wrinkles in minutes. Your partner/spouse will notice moments after application. Dr. Daniels has had people tell her that their spouse who has not noticed them in years got excited at the new look within a week.

FREE Bonus 6: "Unmask the Healing Herbs in Your Kitchen" Audio in Downloadable MP3 Format [$200 Value]

Healing herbs in your kitchen disguised as spices:  Dr Daniels found that many spices were so effective that she could recommend them with confidence.

* Learn which spices can help an enlarged prostate

* How to stop heavy vaginal bleeding in minutes

* How to stop bloating and indigestion in a blink

* The spice that helps you  shake off the blues in moments and feel good for no good reason

* Herbs to lower your blood pressure

* The spice combination that can stop vomiting and diarrhea in moments or How to stop the runs with a sip

* The powerful spice that improves breathing in asthmatics

* Learn about nature's natural blood thinner

* Find out what kitchen spices Dr Daniels' patients used to banish sore throats.

* The herb that increases energy yet increases congeniality

* Which spice will improve your memory and concentration in moments.

* Spices that clear your sinuses safely and in a tasty manner

* Stop a headache in minutes using common inexpensive spices available in your local grocery.

FREE Bonus 7: Omega Death Trap - The Supermarket Solution - Special Report by Karmyn Malone: PDF [$47.00 Value]

Did you know that taking those expensive Omega 3 supplements is actually a big scam? Now you can throw out your expensive and smelly fish and crill oil Omega 3 supplements.

There's a far easier, healthier, cheaper and safer solution to getting the proper ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids that the supplement manufacturers don't want you to know about.

Here's how to get an abundance of essential omega 3 fatty acids while at the same time lowering your intake of excessive omega 6 fatty acids from vegetarian raw food sources you can find in the produce aisle of your supermarket.

In this breakthrough Special Report you'll learn why many “health foods” most people eat actually cause obesity, heart attacks, premature aging, violence and more... amongst meat eaters, vegetarians and even vegans.

This special report gives you a comprehensive list of surprising vegetarian food sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that are inexpensive and taste great.

For instance did you know that many fresh fruits as well as leafy greens have Omega 3 fatty acids in them?

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

* p. __ lists the dangers of consuming excess Omega 6 fatty acids, one of which is OBESITY. Why does excess Omega 6 do this?

A study done on 4 generations of rodents noticed this trend. Scientists exposed four generations of mice to a high omega 6 to omega 3 style diet and noticed a gradual increase in bodyfat over the generations of rodents.

"I suggest Omega 3 and 6 have a key role to play in obesity, by a combination of metabolic changes with Omega 6 forcing the body to store fat, interaction with fructose, and the lack of Omega 3, leading to a blocking of insulin and and leptin functions." p. iv Omega Six: The Devils Fat - A Message of Dietary Hope by Robert Brown

Please realize that Omega 6 fatty acids ARE essential for good health.

In other words we must get them from the diet but most people on the Standard American Diet and even vegetarian and vegan diets get over 10 times the amount of Omega 6 fatty acids that they should and this causes a whole host of deadly health problems.

* p. ___ of this report has list of the best fruit sources of Omega 3s, including easy to find fruits in your local supermarket or green grocer.

* p. __ explains how easy it is to get too much of Omega 6 and not enough of Omega 3.

* p. ___ lists the best vegetable sources of Omega 3 that can be found in any supermarket.

* p. ____ has a 100% raw sample menu that incorporates many of the wonderful plant sources of Omega 3s

* p. __ explains the optimal Omega 3 to 6 ratio

* WARNING: This menu is NOT recommended. Could you be following this "Recipe For Disaster" menu found on p. __ ?

It's a typical menu that many eat without realizing they're getting way too many Omega 3s and not enough Omega 6s.

p. __ shows a sample menu (one that is NOT recommended) of a vegan diet with too many Omega 6 fatty acids and not enough Omega 3 (it's a diet that many vegans follow and wonder why they're not experiencing optimal health)

* Not ready to go 100% raw? That's all right since there's a "Hooked On Cooked" menu on p. __ that's a high raw diet with one cooked vegan meal a day. This "Hooked On Cooked" menu still has plenty of Omega 3s.

* p. __ has many wonderful recipes that use these Omega 3 plant sources.

Wanna know which diet makes it EASIEST to get the Optimal amount of Omega 3 to Omega 6 effortlessly? p. __ tells you which diet.

* Are you using this "healthy" oil in YOUR food? p. __ mentions the name of this certain "healthy" oil that has a similar Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio as a PORK HOT DOG?

* p. __ gives you an "All You Can Eat Pasta" recipe that won't put on the pounds (or kilos). It's also known as "No Pudge Pasta" Eating 6 cups of this pasta has the same amount of calories as 1 cup of the typical cooked food pasta.

A 6 cup MEGA serving of this pasta w/ sauce has just 235 calories. A 6 cup serving of cooked spaghetti with tomato sauce (meatless) has 1761 calories.

In her senior year in high school Karmyn ate 6 cups of spaghetti with tomato sauce each day and gained 18 pounds before leaving for college (lucky for her she wised up and stopped this daily spaghetti habit and managed to drop those 18 pounds by her sophomore year.)

Of course if you felt like having a TINY portion of cooked pasta you could cut the calories down and eat a puny 1 cup serving which has 294 calories. A one cup puny portion? Why bother?

Imagine STUFFING yourself with a delicious alternative to cooked spaghetti that's kind to your waistline? Try eating 6 cups a day of cooked spaghetti and see what happens to your waistline after a month? Why do that if instead you can learn how to make "No Pudge Pasta", eat all of it you want, and actually have a SMALLER waist after a month of pigging out?

Not only that but this delicious "All you Can Eat Pasta" recipe is an EXCELLENT source of Omega 3s, is low in fat and also provides Omega 6 in the proper ratio to Omega 3.

The best part about this recipe is that you can find the ingredients at any supermarket. No specialty store needed.

Remember to get this simple recipe on p. __

1 cup cooked spaghetti (enriched) (no sauce) has 220 calories, 33.6 mg Omega 3, 413 mg Omega 6, which is a bad 12 to 1 ratio in favor of Omega 6. Not Good.

1 cup of our no pudge pasta noodles has 19 calories, 55.5 mg Omega 3, 33mg Omega 6. This is a 1.68 to 1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6. Yes it’s actually higher in Omega 3’s than Omega 6’s.

FREE Bonus 8: Healing Minerals, Surprising Sources of Mineral Rich Plant Based Foods - Special Report by Karmyn Malone [$27.00 Value]

Many people have been tricked into believing that you can't get enough minerals from vegetarian, vegan or raw food diets and that the only solution is to add some animal foods to your diet.

Or that you need to take or eat expensive, stimulating and sometimes toxic "super foods" in order to get enough minerals and nutrients to thrive.

Well this report is about to blow those "supplement company and health guru lies" out of the water.

Stop wasting $100 to $200 a month on "superfoods" when you can exceed your mineral requirements by eating these common foods, many of which you can find in your supermarket produce aisle.

You'll get a list of vegetarian raw food sources that are high in every major mineral. We even list plant source foods that are abundant in trace minerals as well.

* For instance, did you know that oranges are a great source of calcium. But to get the most calcium from them you have to know this simple trick.

* Or you might be surprised to discover that cantaloupe is a great source of organic sodium, magnesium, potassium, copper and manganese. And there are other fruits that are surprisngly high in minerals but most people simply don't know which ones they are.

Just eat from these high mineral raw food sources regularly and you'll get all of the minerals you need in great abundance.

FREE Bonus 9: The Fun Way to Achieve Your Dreams on Autopilot - by Roger Haeske [$97.00 Value]

Why force yourself to be successful when you can do it the fun and natural way?

This special report is a compilation of 4 life changing articles from Roger's subscription Magic Ideas Newsletter.

This technique is the easiest and most enjoyable way to be successful in ANY field. In fact, every single successful and happy person on the planet uses this simple principle to make him/her successful.

Yet the people who don't achieve their dreams never realize this smashingly simple idea. It makes success in anything you do virtually automatic because you end up having so much fun when you do it.

Here's a list of the Magic Ideas that you'll be getting in this exclusive report:

* The Fun Way to Achieve Your Dreams

* "Raging Fire of Desire" for Autopilot Success

* Double Your Productivity in 2-Minutes

* Two Minutes Can Change Your Day And Life For The Better

Roger Haeske has used these techniques to propel him to success the FUN way in a number of different areas of life. The secret is simple actually...

Find a way to LOVE doing the things that lead you to success. Do this and then a high level of success is assured because you create a magnificent obsession or burning desire to achieve your goal.

When you love what you're doing, you'll want to do it every day. And you'll have loads of curiosity and want to find any technique to improve your results. Everything you need will find it's way to you because you're sending out vibrations of joy instead of frustration.

With these reports you'll learn how to go from hating something to actually loving it so much you're obsessed with it.

Roger Haeske for instance used to HATE:

* Writing
* Reading
* Computers
* Working Out
* Typing
* Eating Healthfully

Yet he now writes the first thing every day in the morning and has authored many books and programs and sends out regular emails to his customers and subscribers from around the world.

In fact, writing is now one of his absolute favorite things to do and yet in high school and college he dreaded it like the plague. Never in a million years did he imagine he'd be an author and make his fulltime living through writing.

Roger now loves to read and is obsessed with learning new information or rereading the same powerful book over and over again. Yet in college Roger quit his major, political science because of the tremendous reading and writing that was involved.

In high school and college Roger hated computers. But something changed and now he uses them every day for at least 6 hours a day.

Roger also used to hate working out with weights and going jogging. He only liked sports but working out was not something he relished. Yet he found a way to change around that dislike and now he gets ticked off when he misses a workout.

He's an exercise fanatic and has built a highly conditioned and strong athletic body as a result. Even at 43 years of age, he looks more like he's in his 20's.

And believe it or not, Roger actually used to HATE, HATE, HATE typing when he took it in high school. And yet he doesn't even think twice about it anymore. He can easily output 70 words per minute. There's something about being forced to learn something when you have no desire to do so that can make you hate something.

Roger also used to love junk food and eating all sorts of cooked food. He was (and is) a foodie. He tried improving his health with the Raw Food Diet at least 30 times but found it too plain and boring for him. So he gave up and went back to eating cooked food even though he didn't feel as good. But at least his food tasted great to him.

Yet now he's a world famous expert in the Raw Food Diet and simply loves his raw foods he no longer even desires or fantasizes about cooked food. How did this transformation happen? What is the secret?

Yes it's true... you can get yourself to love doing anything if you tap into your inner Raging Fire of Desire. And you'll learn how to do that from Roger's report:

The Fun Way to Achieve Your Dreams on Autopilot

You'll get this report as a value added bonus with the purchase of the Candida Cleaner Complete.

FREE Bonus 10: Lifetime Updates [$97.00 Value]

Ever since we first created the Candida Cleaner system we've been adding to it and improving it. We get in all sorts of questions from people around the world and you may have the exact same question.

We've also gotten great insights from our customers. Like how to get the Candida Cleaner in certain countries in Europe and Asia. We'll even include what brands to buy if you're in those countries.

Dr. Daniels has answered many unique questions and will continue to answer them. Any new bonuses or improved ideas will be yours, you'll never have to buy again to get the updates.

You're covered with our lifetime updates for Candida Cleaner customers.


Here's What You Get Inside
the Candida Cleaner

Complete System


The Cadida Cleaner WRITTEN pdf manual
The Candida Cleaner Manual Recorded by Dr. Daniels in Mp3 AUDIO [Additional $97.00 Value]

The Candia Cleaner Video in Downloadable MP4 Format

Typical Questions and Concerns Regarding the Use of The Candida Cleaner Video in MP4 Format
How to Apply The Candida Cleaner Topically - Video Tutorial
Detailed Written FAQ from Questions Submitted by Original Candida Cleaner Customers

Candida Busting Recipes Downloadable PDF File

Lifetime Updates
70% Discount Coupon for Up to 1-Hour Consultation with Dr. Jennifer Daniels [$557.90 Value]
Candida Cleaner “Call in Day” Mp3 Audio Recordings With Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Roger’s Rash Remover - Power Treatment for Stubborn Candida Rashes
How to Use the Candida Cleaner to Erase 20-Years Off Your Biological Age - Teleseminar
The 5-Minute Japanese Geisha Secret to Satiny Soft Skin at Any Age
Unmask the Healing Herbs in Your Kitchen: Audio in Downloadable MP3 Format
Omega Death Trap - The Supermarket Solution - Special Report by Karmyn Malone: PDF
Healing Minerals, Surprising Sources of Mineral Rich Plant Based Foods - Special Report by Karmyn Malone: PDF
The Fun Way to Achieve Your Dreams on Autopilot - by Roger Haeske
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Regular Price for the Candida Cleaner
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One more thing... I'd recommend you get your copy of the Candida Cleaner as soon as possible. If you're thinking you want this, then by all means, don't dilly dally.

There are two reasons the price is so low right now. 

1. This website simply isn't done yet.

2. Some of the bonuses have not yet been completed or added to the customer download page.

But as we start adding bonuses the price can go up at any time and without warning.

Keep in mind, no matter when you invest in the Candida Cleaner, you're entitled to Lifetime Updates.

Therefore, even though all of the bonuses are not yet ready, you will get them when they're done. We'll send all customers an announcement via email when a new bonus is added.

So make sure you're on the customer email list and that you stay on that list if you want to get all of the bonuses and future product updates.

Why The Rush?

I've been getting lots of emails from people wondering when the Candida Cleaner would be back up for sale again. Candida problems can be so severe that it makes people unable to work or live a normal life.

Therefore, there are some pretty desperate people looking for the final solution to blowtorching the candida albicans yeast from their bodies once and for all.

I understand, I suffered with a candida overgrowth as well.

So we've decided that even though we weren't fully ready... we'd put the site back up anyway.

Make sure to take advantage of this temporary situation and get in at the lowest price possible.

To Your Radiant Health and Happiness,

Roger Haeske

Signature Roger Haeske

The Youth Restorer 


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Dr. Jennifer Daniels - 53 Years Young

Dr. Jennifer Daniels is widely considered one of the foremost Alternative Healing Physicians alive today. She graduated from Harvard University with Honors receiving a BA degree.

Her education continued at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Medical Degree (MD) and also attended Wharton where she received her MBA in Health Care Administration.

She practiced medicine for 10 years as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician where she saw first hand the power of Natural Methods.

She has been coaching clients to successfully heal naturally since 1985.


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